Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just Thinking

Lately, I realized i was sleeping quite a lot.
People said its due to stress that I felt tired so easily.
But, I myself do not think that I'm stress or anything.
So, what's your thought on this?
It's been a long time since I ever blogged because I was running outta ideas.
Now I'm back having such thoughts.
Well, SPM is coming, around the corner.
But still, I don't feel any stress or pressure that it is coming.
Anyone knows why?
I really can't understand.
If anyone got any views on these things, just leave a simple tag as an advise or something like that. =]

p/s FAEEZ, I hope that you are happy that I updated. =]

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Final Decision

After a long time, thinking and dilemma-ing, I finally came to a decision on what kinda subjects i will take in future.
It was a really tough journey to choose what I wanna become in future but its worth it so we won't regret it later.
Thoughts like, when about to make a decision, what would happen in future always occured to me.
If I failed in this course, what would I do in future. It really got me stuck there.

I thought well and hard for like uh... maybe 5 to 6 days?
Finally, I chose to take up science subjects for the A-levels.
I haven't decided what to major in yet, so let my results in A-levels help me decide.

Reasons why did I not take up Accounting its because that i found it quite stressful, and I always panicked during Accounts examination, when afraid there are not much time to answer the question.

BUT, I am relieved that i finally can step outta that dilemma and concentrate on my upcoming examinations.
For now, just take one step at a time.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Swimming Is Fun!!

Today was a hell of a day for me. Everything was planned by Pei Ling that suggested we go to Poh Pei house to have a swim and damn it was fun. At school today, everyone waited anxiously for the school to end. Hahahaha. And, Pei Ling was the most excited one. We eagerly prayed and hoped that Moral was to be cancelled, but it disappointed us.

Anyway, we ate at Chungky, but some were a little late. Me and Eyra went off to the bus stop 1st while waiting for the others to finish eating. Hahahaha. And so, we got there in time to see a bus pass right our face, and my inner self told me to wait for my friends (considering the owner of the house) or we wouldn't be able to get it anyway.

At about 3.30pm, we reached Poh Pei house and most of the boys couldn't wait to get into the swimming pool, including myself. Hahaha. Its been around like say 2 yrs since I went to swim, and i meant real swimming, not just playing with water. Not considering the time during Sidang Ridaksi's dinner. That was playing water and DAMN emo at night. Let's not talk about that and ruin this moment.

So, around 4pm, we decided to go swimming past caring the "scorching" sun. Actually, it was not that hot, because its considered evening. So me, I just swam freely in the pool and the next activity was playing the water polo.

I never knew water polo was such a tiring game. Just for barely 15 minutes, we were gasping for air. It was fun chasing after the childish Spiderman ball I brought as a substitution for water polo ball. Hahahaha. After a few moments of it, it came the fogging of the Aedes mosquitoes out of the blue. All of us were like "What the heck?!?!" They didn't even warned us about the fogging and did it. ZzZzZ. It so totally ruined the water polo game.

Still in the end, we rested for a few minutes and continued. This time, it was a boys playtime. We jumped and dived into the water like crazy fellas and everyone in the swimming pool was staring at us like as if we were Tarzan. KokYuan and Jonathan wanted to learn how to dive, and we did our best to teach them. Hahahaha.

Some of us got leg cramps. And it was quite funny when some of them were asking for help. Hahahaha. I personally got it also, but i still can bear it. The pain got off pretty soon. We took quite a number of pictures but i don't have it right now and will show it to you guys when i got it. Everyone went home quietly as they were all very very tired after about 3 hours in the poool.

When I reached home, I only the realised my eyes was burning red as too much clorine had gotten into it. Its all because i forgotten to bring my goggles. So, now here I am, tired, with red eyes. And tired, but happy.

p/s: People who joined the swim:
  • Poh Pei (the one who invited us to her house, indirectly joined us)
  • Tong Yue Hern
  • Shahira
  • Pin Pin
  • Jonathan
  • Kok Yuan
  • Jin Shian
  • Pei Ling
  • Cheryl
Going to sleep already. TTFN

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fun, Tiring, Stressful week? Or months?

LOLOLOLOL!! This week was such a exhausting and a tiring week. I never got to study or do any homework at all. Coooooolllll!! Hahahahaha. So why such a wild week? Because of:-
  • Badminton
  • Siviks Magazine
  • Physics Teknik Menjawab
  • Going to Play
So now, its really tiring. But dont care. The SPM stress was suddenly gone from me again. Hahahaha. Just wait for it to come back only study. Hahahaha.

Just last week I changed my specs. Cooool. Its because I stepped on it while playin badminton. Luckily I am able to got a new one on the same day it broke. Haha. Dont ask how did I do that. I was practically 'half blind' when i dont wear my specs. My eyes was at a very 'cham' state liao. So I try to play less comp, watch less TV.

It was saddening because I really regretted it when my parents warned a billion times "Don't watch so close to the TV!!!". Guess what? I never listened. Its too late to regret anything now. So, life has to go on. No matter how much setbacks, regrets, obstacle, or whatever some shit you people call it.

At a period of time, during these few months, I was rather quite in a dilemma when its time for me to pick a college to further my studies. Not knowing what I am majoring in. Damn it. I loved Physics and Chemistry, but Accounts also I loved. Talking 'bout dilemma?? Damn!

A few choices of colleges and u's that my dad picked up. There was:-
  • University Tun Abdul Razak (UTAR)
  • Renaissance College (aka Omega)
  • Sunway College
  • Taylor's College
It really got me there, so how so how so how. I am like sitting on a fence, waiting to drop on to the business subjects side or science subjects side. Though my dad said that either choice that I make, will have it pros and cons. "Most importantly, is whether do I like the subjects anot". It made me think for so many days. Just to know whether what I liked. I tried to stop thinking about it, but it seems I can't. One moment I think of a course to take, I would be reminded of the challenges that I assumed that I would face, And, starts all over, I changed my mind. Damn damn damn damn it. Haha. Today i might have talk slightly-overly-too-much kinda something lidat.

Haha. I gotta go dy. Thinking of wanna One Piece or not. =.=lll See ya alls.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It seems like a have not blogged for like 4 weeks. Awesome!!! Until today, a particular person desperately asking me to update, not saying names here. :P Hahaha. Actually, I got nothing much to write, except for the exams stress. Seriously stress.

My results:
B. Melayu: 78%
English: 83%
Maths: 100%
Add Maths: 88%
Sejarah: 45%
Accounts: 40%
Chemistry 77%
Biology: 87%
Physics: 76%
Moral: 66%
EST: 80%

As you all can see, i got 2 E's and nearly failed. Oh my god. I do not know what to do know. My confidence is almost dropping like crazy. I cant imagine what is gonna happen during SPM. Haiz. Haiz. Haiz. Just gotta keep studying although i procastinate alot.

To all SPM candidates this year:
>Fly your SPM with colours!!!
>Good luck to all!!!
>Don't ever give up!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

To The Late Michael Jackson

I have heard the news since morning but haven't got time to blog about it. Now after the the whole day of tuition, I found time. Having heard from radio, Hits.Fm, they said he died of cardiac arrest or something. My dad said it gotta do something with the heart. Anyway, I felt that we certainly lost a good singer and its said that he was the 'King of Pop'. I felt quite sad that he had to leave this world at 50 years of age, but everyone who lives, will die one day. Just that his came earlier. So just let us pray for the late Micheal Jackson in silence. Let us pray for him to leave this world and go to another world which is a better place.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Roughest Day

Didn't know what got into me today. Went to school as usual. 6.50am. Tired. I just rest a little on the table. You guys might say I moody. And I never got as moody as I am today. Just that this kinda things. Whatever lar. I am not able to tell you guys about the story. Maybe its personal already. What I can tell is that during after recess, I didn't know what happened and just quarrel with her.

I am really sorry for all. I really don't know what happened to me. Either too stress. Or anything lar. And very sorry ney. Its all because of me that you now feel so unhappy. Sorry for each and every part that I have done wrong today. Haiz. Sorry for not accompanying you after Physics. Sorry for everything. I dont know why am I in such a bad mood.

Anyway, I ate a lot during lunch. Yeah, its more than usual. And after crying, I vomited all out. Some of you people may think that I'm childish because i cried or whatever. But i really had a very very rough day today already. Not really in the mood to blog.

See you all. Forgive me.